4 Easy Steps To Healthy Living

You don’t have to change your entire life to incorporate a little healthy living into your daily routine. Slowly make a few small alterations to your everyday life and you’ll be amazed at how soon you look and feel healthier. Increase your energy. Save your money. Stop wasting your time. Start with these 4 easy steps.

1. Meal Prep For The Week

Start your week off on the right foot by prepping all of your meals for the week ahead of time. Stop worrying about not having enough time in the morning to make a healthy breakfast. Stop rushing around on your lunch hour to the nearest convenience store or fast food place trying to shove any food you can into your face before your break is over. Stop spending hours in the kitchen every night after a long day at work just to enjoy a homecooked meal. Finally have time for yourself, without compromising your nutrition.

2. Replace Coffee or Soda With Water

We get it. Coffee and soda give you an energy boost that you need to get through the day. But now that you’re meal prepping and eating a healthy home cooked breakfast every morning you’ll be happy to find that you won’t need a mid morning boost of energy. And once you indulge in your healthy lunch, you’ll realize that you aren’t falling asleep at your desk mid afternoon due to a sugar crash, so you won’t need that caffeine pick me up. Infuse your water with fruits as a great way to add some variety and flavor to your day. Try some of our favorite recipes if you’re having trouble coming up with your own tasty combos.

3. Set Aside 30 Minutes Everyday

For Exercise There are a lot of different kinds of exercises you can do, so it’s unfair to say that you hate exercise. You may hate running, or lifting weights, but maybe you’d like yoga. Maybe pilates and zumba sound like absolute torture to you, but you’d enjoy high intensity interval training if you gave it a try. The most important part of working out is actually performing the exercises, so find something you like and you’ll be more likely to stick with it. Thirty minutes per day of any type of workout is sufficient and will provide you with results that you can see and feel. Just remember that no matter how hard you work, nothing produces overnight results.

4. Personalize Your Workspace (psychological health)

The average American adult spends between 35 and 45 hours per week at their job surrounded by work and company concerns. This can cause a psychological strain on a person, especially if their job happens to be taxing and stressful. You can improve your psychological health by adding a personal touch to your work space. Reducing your stress can be as easy as bringing in a single picture of a loved one, or a favorite trinket or two to liven up your work space. Learn to recognize the way that your body and mind reacts to stress and tension and you’ll be better equipped to reduce the effects and improve the quality and efficiency of your work. can also be viewed at- https://isolatorfitness.com/blog/4-easy-steps-to-healthy-living/

10 Medically Proven Ways to Lose Weight Quickly

If you want to lose weight quickly once and for all, try these top 10 scientifically proven weight loss tips and see if they help you in safe weight loss.

1. Journaling

Maintaining a food diary  helps to assess your calorie intake in a day. You can know why you eat and the way you eat, that helps you in long-term weight loss management. You may not lose weight due to your tendency to eat more during stress, or get involved in emotional eating. Your food diary can be an asset to plan a diet chart for losing weight by identifying your eating pattern and habits.

2. Daily exercise

Exercise should be a part of your lifestyle and not an activity in the weight loss regime. According to WHO and FAO exercise of 30 – 60 minutes most days of the week is essential for good health, weight loss and weight maintenance.

3. Kick up the calcium

A recent research at the University of Tennessee reveals that consuming three servings a day of calcium-rich dairy foods can speed up weight loss by 50%-70% while strengthening bones and preventing osteoporosis. It is thought that the more calcium there is in a fat cell, the more fat it will burn.

4. Protein at every meal

A research from the University of Illinois reported in the Journal of Nutrition suggests that eating more high-quality protein can help a person maintain muscle mass and reduce body fat during weight loss. That’s because maintaining muscle mass while losing weight helps the body to burn more calories.

5. Believe in breakfast

You can actually lose weight by eating breakfast! The National Weight Control Registry cites breakfast as one of the key factors for long-term weight control. Your effort to lose weight by skipping breakfast might prove you wrong because a healthy breakfast keeps blood sugar and hormone levels stable while your metabolism hums along at a higher level, burning more calories.

6. Eat enough; often enough

Ensure that you eat three meals per day to control your hunger and manage your appetite.  If you skip meals to lose weight, either you will eat more or your body may go into “starvation mode”, causing you to gain weight rather than lose weight!

7. Buddy up

Getting support from others can help you maintain your new eating and physical activity habits. Find someone with the same weight loss goals as yours, and then help one another discover those habits that led to overeating and inactivity.

8.  Eat a rainbow of colors and plenty of whole grains

Fruits and vegetables are packed with beneficial fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Deeper the color of the fruit or vegetable, richer is its nutrients. They fill up your stomach fast, keeping your calorie count low. Whole grains provide an excellent source of carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

9. Reward yourself

Reward yourself with a spa service or shopping when you hit small goals such as 2 kg or 4kg of weight loss. That will boost your self-esteem, and studies say self-esteem can keep you from succumbing to emotional eating.

10. Sleep and Rest

Healthy diet, exercise and right amount of rest, keep you active and get you maximum weight loss result. Research states that minimum of 6-8hrs of sleep is a must to stay healthy.